Key date: The 2024-2034 Long Term Plan was adopted by Council on 3 July 2024

Key dates:

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For our district to be a vibrant, progressive place we must continue to look ahead and make future-focussed decisions. While there is a lot of uncertainty in the current environment, we have to plan ahead based on the information we have available. An example of this is our three waters infrastructure - while we may not know what the government’s proposal means for us just yet, we know we must continue to make improvements to our water and waste water infrastructure to meet the new national standards. We need to strike a balance between what is affordable and essential in these uncertain times.

What do my rates
pay for?

Rates are not necessarily about paying for the services you use or receive - they’re about everyone paying a portion towards making their community a great place to live. Check out these video clips for some examples of what your rates go towards. Please note the figures are based on the 2023/24 average urban residential rates.