How it all

adds up

How we cover our costs

To proceed with everything we’re prioritising we need to collect an additional $7.7 million in rates (including metered water rates) in the year ahead.

Before you look at the example properties to see how these priorities may affect your rates, check out these explanations of the different kinds of rates, and who pays what.

Rates are a form of tax, and the basic principle of a tax is that everyone pays to benefit the greater community. They’re not necessarily about paying for the services you use or receive - they’re about everyone paying a portion towards making their community a great place to live. Our rates are made up of a mix of tax-based systems, and user pays charges.

Our sources of income (2024/25)

This pie graph represents the total amount of money ($81.7m) we would need to collect in 2024/25 to deliver our services, and how we’ll fund them. Note that there are other ways we could cut the pie (for example, less rates and more fees and charges) but no matter how many pieces you cut a pie into, the total size of the proposed pie remains the same - we still need to collect the same amount of money to provide these services.

This graph also highlights the few options Councils have for raising income. Council have been lobbying central government to make changes and give local government more tools for raising income. Including asking central government to pay rates on their own properties!