Water Meters

Looking further ahead

Part of planning ahead for the future is recognising that we can’t do everything at once – it isn’t practical or affordable. So here are a few of the other key projects that we’re planning in years 4-10 of this ten year plan. As these are several years out, we don’t have a lot of detail on them just yet, and the community will get another chance to give feedback/input into these projects closer to the time.

There is a lot of uncertainty around how water services will be managed in future - but if it does remain our responsibility, we anticipate we will need to install water meters. Water is a precious resource, and in recent years we have seen tighter controls on how much we can take and treat. Making people pay for their actual consumption is a proven way to reduce water consumption, usually reducing total demand by up to 20%. Reducing water consumption/demand for treated water also helps with leak detection/loss reduction and delay the need to do expensive upgrades to increase capacity. If we do go ahead with this, it would be from year 4 of this plan (2027/28).

$4.1 million for 2027/28 and $3.4 million for 2028/29


Standard of service this would provide:

No change to water services.

Impact on debt:

$7.4 million increase by 2028/29.

Average additional operating cost per year:

$1.2m following completion of the project, (but not including potential cost savings from reduced consumption).

Average additional cost per property per year:

$107.11 more per year (following completion of the project).